Shadow Base

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Designation: Supply Facility
Built 2374
Used: 2376 - Present
Classification: Starbase
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet Intelligence
Crew: 6,500



Shadow Base is a Versailles type Starbase. Since the facility doesn't exist officially they setup the station in orbit of the planet Iota Crucis which was deemed uncolonizable by the federation scientific community, SFI's engineering department built the new facility in 2374 under the disguise of a Supply Outpost Starbase 99. The Truth is that it is the headquarters for the Director Of Operations. The Division is comprised of Recon Marines who are assigned to support Intelligence Agents in missions and facility protection under Hazard Unit designations, It is also comprised of a small number of crew from the Clandestine Operations department and finally the Technical Operations Department which includes the Agency Engineering Division..

The Station is similar to the original Versailles designs in that it Consists of a Central Hub plus two Habitat rings, it is over 3200m wide and high.

The Central Hub is restricted to Operations Division personnel only, and houses the Cargo Bays, Shuttle Bays, Flight Decks, Intelligence Departments plus the Station Operations Centre ('Ops'). At the top of Central Hub is the main landing pad, where SFI Vessels are maintained.

The surrounding Habitat Rings provide the living areas of the Starbase, including limited stores, bars, restaurants, recreation facilities and personnel quarters. Station personnel are permitted in all areas of the Habitat Rings, except for the six primary docking ports which are restricted areas.


Basic Specifications

  • Type: Starbase
  • Height: 3,200 meters
  • Length: 3,200 meters
  • Decks: 200 (2 x 100 deck Habitat Rings) / 500 (Central Hub)
  • Expected Life: 600 years
  • Refit Cycle Minor : 5 years
  • Standard : 20 years
  • Major : 50 years
  • Personnel: 6,500
    • 325 Starfleet Aviators Assigned to the airwing known as Black Omega
    • 150 Starfleet Engineers Assigned as support personnel to Black Omega
    • 275 Starfleet Analysts Assigned to the Intelligence Division
    • 500 Starfleet Crew members Assigned to the Medical Division
    • 500 Starfleet Intelligence Agents and Handlers Assigned on Temporary Basis
    • 750 Recon Marines Assigned to Station Security and Operations
    • 2,000 Starfleet Crew members Assigned to Station Operations
    • 2,000 Starfleet Personnel Assigned as Support personnel for the Docking Facility

Tactical & Defensive Systems

  • 15 x Type XV phaser arrays
    • 5 In Dorsal Turret
    • 5 In Center Turret
    • 5 In Ventral Turret
  • 15x Burst Fire Photon Torpedo Tubes
    • 5 In Dorsal Turret
    • 5 In Center Turret
    • 5 In Ventral Turret
  • Multi Spacial Tri Axialated Regenerative Shield Matrix,
    • Shields Sustainable Load: 1600 Isotons Second
    • Shields Auxiliary Load: Up to 68 % of primary

Power Systems

  • 4 x Dedicated Type XIIc Fusion Reactors
    • Maximum Rated Output: 7 Terra Watts

Engineering Systems

  • 18 x evenly spread Vectored exhaust Maneuvering Thrusters.
    • Emergency Speed: 500 Meters/sec for 2 mins per refueling.
  • Transporter Systems:
    • Personnel Transporters: 10 x 9-Person
    • Cargo Transporters: 16 x 20,000 metric ton
    • Emergency Transporters: 14 x 28-Person

Science Systems

  • 22 x Arrays of 11 Pallets of Lateral Sensors
  • Probe Loadout:
    • Full Probe Loadout (Type I - Type XII)
    • Ghost Intelligence/Communication Probes

Docking Facilities

  • 1 x Dorsal Landing pad
  • 6 x Docking ports on Habitat Ring
  • Main Shuttlebays:
    • 10 x Shuttlebays (one per quadrant per Habitat ring, one on dorsal and ventral areas of Central Hub)
    • Flight Decks: 2




  • Black Omega Squadron
    • 121st Vikings
      • 15 x Hawk Class Fighters
    • 132nd Werewolves
      • 15 x Cobra Class Fighters
    • 223rd Bulldogs
      • 10 x Wasp Class Transports
    • 48th Star lifters
    • Starbase Operations
      • 14 x Type-9F Cargo Shuttles
      • 4 x Arrow Class Runabouts
      • 8 x Danube Class Runabouts
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